KOA Coat-Insulated Fixed Anti Surge Resistors RCR
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Product introduction


  • Excellent anti-surge characteristics.

  • Stable characteristics of moisture resistance up to high resistance range.

  • RCR50(1MΩ12MΩ) and RCR60 (1MΩ12MΩ) are discharge resistors recognized by UL1676 and c-UL (CSA-C22.2 No.1-M94).

    RCR25EN (100kΩ33MΩ), RCR50EN (100kΩ33MΩ) and RCR60 (470kΩ56MΩ) is approved by EN60065 14.1 safety.

  • Products meet EU-RoHS requirement. EU-RoHS regulation is not intended for Pb-glass contained in resistor element.

  • Automatic mounting machine is applicable by surface mounted device style lead forming.